With over 25 years of experience, we have the specialist knowledge to undertake repairs and provide solutions for all types of UPVc windows, doors and patios. 

Repair to patio door hinge

There are some common problems that occur with UPVc windows and doors:

Misted window units – the seals on double glazed windows can break down over time, causing condensation to form within the unit, between the two panes of glass. In this instance, replacement of the unit is the most effective and cost-competitive option, over methods of repair, which can be unreliable and not immediately effective. Customers can simply call Double Glazing Repairs Lichfield with an approximate size for an instant quote. If agreeable, the team will then attend the property to take an accurate measurement so that the unit can be ordered. An installation date can be arrange at that time.

Failed hinges – this is a common issue with double glazing and will usually result in a draught coming from the window, as the failed hinge is preventing the window from closing properly and forming a draught proof seal. Customers are often amazed at the how the replacement of hinges completely solves this problem, easily and cost-effectively.


Broken glass in a window, ready for repair

Broken window and door locks – locks can either be broken due to a break in or can sometimes break in very cold weather. If a door is mis-aligned, the lock mechanism is being forced out of place, putting stress on it and causing eventual failure. In all of these cases, repair of the lock mechanism (where possible) or replacement of it will negate further issues.

Damaged patio runners/tracks and wheels – sliding patio doors can become troublesome over time if the track has become old and worn, making the sliding mechanism more difficult, or if the wheels are broken, preventing it from sliding effectively. Usually, people will force the patio along and leave it until the patio will no longer move before calling for help. Early identification of the issue and fast action will lead to replacement of just the wheels, but if the problem has not been addressed, then the track may also need to be replaced. Once repaired, the patio will work as new.